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you got the love

DSCN6260DSCN6265DSCN6269DSCN6271DSCN6276Hello day 2 off work! Yesterday was my first day off in a week! Sheesh. Anyway, besides working hard and barely eating/sleeping, I’ve been keeping up with regular everyday affairs pretty well. As yesterday was one of my only days off, I got dressed, grabbed my list, and headed out to get everything done! Although I spent the majority of the day running errands, I did pop into downtown to check out a few antique malls for some peace and quiet. For some reason when life feels fast paced, its nice to wander through antiques and relish in their beauty beyond time and space. Even though I enjoyed the day to myself (Chris was working), I was really looking forward to just relaxing with my honey. Well, I got what I wished for. Last night after dinner, we cuddled up on the couch and watched the second season of Alphas!

Looking ahead, now that I’m rested, the weekend is going to be pretty busy, but I’m looking forward to it!

Thursday: The sweetest man I know and love is turning 24! I work for most the day, but I do have something extra special planned :)

Friday: I work during the day, but that night Chris and I are heading out for a little romance.

Saturday: After work, Chris and I are heading to Tulsa for a double date with my parents! (dinner + Disney’s Planes!)

Sunday: Work, work, work.

Sometimes it seems that the going is just too rough
And things go wrong no matter what I do
Now and then it seems that life is just too much
But you’ve got the love I need to see me through

-Florence and the Machine, You Got the Love

Wearing: Shirt (Charlotte Russe), Jeans (Silver & Co. from Maurices), Bracelets (Forever 21), Necklace (Kate Spade), Shoes (H&M), Purse (Steve Madden)

Rehearsal Dinner (pt. 1)

DSCN0001 (2)DSCN0001 (3)DSCN0003 (3)DSCN0002DSCN0002 (3)DSCN0002 (5)DSCN0001 (7)DSCN0003DSCN0004 (2)DSCN0005DSCN0006 (2)DSCN0007DSCN0008 (2)DSCN0011DSCN0009DSCN5214DSCN5223DSCN5235DSCN5218DSCN5253DSCN5256DSCN5217DSCN5254DSCN5245IMG_1653When planning our rehearsal dinner, Chris and I wanted to create an icebreaker for our families. So often weddings are the union of two families who stay staunchly away from one another during the ceremony and reception; this tension was something we were hoping to dissipate early on….and boy did we succeed!

We rehearsed for the wedding and then followed up with series of games (canoeing, volleyball, and football) with dinner to be served later at 9. Slowly but surely with every passing game, the family started to melt together, laughing and competing. I stood to the side with my (future) husband smiling at the beautiful thing we had created: our family. Not his, not mine, ours.




DSCN0011 (2)DSCN0014DSCN0015DSCN5211DSCN5212DSCN5234DSCN5238

shoulders ache for wanted wings

DSCN6049DSCN6043(dress & necklace: Walmart, flats: Payless)

June has been hard. Everyday I’ve been faced with a new scenario testing either my strength, my marriage, my friendships, my dignity, or my pride. I’m rolling with the punches but that’s not to say a few of them haven’t knocked me down completely. I’m trying to stay positive and fight through these situations side by side with my husband. Of all the things that have come crashing down, I’m so happy to have Chris. When all else fails, when the rain never stops, I’m married to a little piece of sunshine. No matter how bad things are, Chris always makes me smile. I am so thankful and blessed to have him.

"There must be a stronger foundation than mere friendship or sexual attraction. Unconditional love, agape love, will not be swayed by time or circumstances." -Stephen Kendrick, The Love Dare

A Woodland Bride

tiffany-fb-1tiffany-fb-3tiffany-fb-5tiffany-fb-8tiffany-fb-11tiffany-fb-17tiffany-fb-20tiffany-fb-23tiffany-fb-21tiffany-fb-24tiffany-fb-26tiffany-fb-28tiffany-fb-30tiffany-fb-41tiffany-fb-39tiffany-fb-43tiffany-fb-33tiffany-fb-35tiffany-fb-36tiffany-fb-45tiffany-fb-62tiffany-fb-57tiffany-fb-58tiffany-fb-70tiffany-fb-78tiffany-fb-72tiffany-fb-66Only a two weeks before the wedding, I was given the opportunity to get my bridals done by our wedding photographer, BCreative Tulsa. Although I was very pleased with how these photos turned out, had I not taken any bridals, I would only have one photo of me from my wedding day. I love that we were able to capture the beauty of the dress and the bridal accessories all together, but most of all I feel beautiful. Now for some outtakes ;)tiffany-fb-16tiffany-fb-19tiffany-fb-15tiffany-fb-14tiffany-fb-7Sometimes you need a little help creating wind and holding things together. Thanks to all of you for all your help. I love you!


Remember this busy Saturday? Well later that night I went with Kala to see Epic! Therefore, I thought I’d share how I turn an outfit for  running errands into a movie night. I hate doing laundry so I avoid changing clothes completely when I can, plus I enjoy a little transformation fun!

Obviously I kept the skeleton of the outfit (blue v-neck and khaki shorts from Old Navy), but  I added just three items that completely transform the outfit:

  • Green Old Navy Sweater: Because the theatre tends to be very chilly, I thought a sweater was totally necessary. I love the combination of the green with the sky blue v-neck.
  • H&M Tan Flats: With the sweater, the outfit seemed to turn warmer so I thought a more natural colored shoe would compliment the sweater. (I was right!)
  • Rose/Gold Layered Necklace: just a final touch. ;)

How do you turn your outfits over for the night?

sky blue saturday

DSCN5994DSCN5997DSCN5996DSCN5982(shirt/shorts: Old Navy, shoes: Payless)

What I Wore: I know, I’m not superfantistcally*  dressed here, but I wanted to show you what I look like on the regular. Flats, shorts, and an Old Navy v-neck are my definite go-to outfit when I need to look nice and not fancy. The truth is that I, like most of you, look like this every single day. I usually shy away from showing these outfits, but this time I thought, why not! I know, I know khaki shorts go in and out of fashion, but the truth is that khaki shorts are very flattering on girls with thicker legs. I personally find them to be very flattering for my hips, thighs, and skin color. Aka, all my plus size girls out there, ROCK THOSE KHAKI SHORTS!

What I did: These past few months have been so busy. I got married, honeymooned to Jamaica, moved to a new house, and now have a very long and tedious list of things to do. This Saturday morning, I cracked down on my paperwork portion of the list, hard. Since I woke up at 5, I’ve been bustling like a bee on all the paperwork that comes from name changing (seriously, how many more papers could I sign?! #wifeyproblems), then I worked through HALF of my wedding thanks yous, (Yes, half because there are over 100, also, I promise they’re coming soon!), and finally I finished up our “We’ve Moved Postcards”, from the Rifle Paper, Co. and got them ready to be mailed Monday morning. Let’s put it this way, I’ve had one super productive Saturday morning/afternoon!


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